Travel Insurance

To purchase my TIC Travel Insurance you don’t have to purchase your trip through me. Please make sure you do your homework and check your credit card companies, companies you work for, or anywhere else to compare the coverage’s before you say no to my TIC Insurance. A lot of time you are not covered for very much. Personally my husband has coverage through his work, but when I compare the two he gets much better coverage through my Insurance. I also sell Sunwing’s, Signature’s, Nolitours, WestJet and Air Transat insurance as well. Please contact me for your quote today.

Think you don’t need travel insurance? Think again.

Even when you’ve planned your trip down to the last detail, the unexpected can happen, so it’s best to be prepared.

Travel insurance can help. Here are some real-life situations involving travellers who were glad to have the protection and assistance it provides when it counted most.

#1: On Jason and Brenda’s Mexican vacation, Jason was injured in a paragliding accident.  He was airlifted to the nearest hospital for emergency surgery.  After surgery, he needed special seating and flight arrangements home.

Medical emergency cost:      $69,800 USD

Travel Medical Insurance:     $35 CAD


#2: Brad had booked his trip to Cuba to go to a Destination Wedding.  The day he was leaving he woke up with an eye infection and couldn’t open his eyes and was unable to travel.  He didn’t have Cancellation insurance and lost all his money.

Trip cost:                      $1500 CAD

Cancellation insurance:         $105 CAD


#3: Jamie and her husband Gary booked their Dream trip.  They were both 53 years old.  Gary was in very fit shape and ate healthy.  They decided not to get any insurance because they are very healthy people and never get sick.  One week before departure Gary passes away of a heart attack.  Because they didn’t purchase cancellation insurance Jamie decided she doesn’t want to go on the trip that was to be their dream trip and lost all their money.

Trip Cost:                            $10,000 CAD

Cancellation Insurance:     $250 CAD 


Provincial Medical Plans don’t cover the hefty costs of medical care in the United States or other countries.  So it’s a good thing Amelia bought travel insurance before her trip to Nevada.  Just two days in, she developed fever, muscle pain and fatigue resulting from a cast of the flu, which required her to stay at a local hospital for two days.

Medical Emergency Cost:     $4000 USD

Travel Insurance:     $61 CAD