My name is Joelene Peterson. I am a full service travel agent who specializes in selling airfare, hotels, car rentals, tours, cruises, and all-inclusive packages. I also specialize in weddings, groups, Las Vegas, and Disney. My passion is to help my clients find their dream vacations, weddings and/or honeymoons at the cheapest rate possible and provide outstanding service.

I first started in the travel industry after graduating from the two year travel consultant program at Grant Mac Ewan College in Edmonton, Alberta. From there I moved on to work with Marlin Travel for two years where I earned a great deal of experience and learned a lot. However, one year after the 9/11 event my hours were cut back due to a lack of interest in traveling and I was forced to find another job. After a couple years I had my first child and decided to return to the travel industry as interest was starting to pick up. It was at this time that I found Sunshine Travel Inc in 2009. I was very fortunate that they have allowed me to work from home, as I now have three kids and value being able to stay at home and take care of them. Although I am a stay at home mom I am also a dedicated travel agent. My clients are guaranteed to get a hold of me at anytime, seven days a week by calling, texting, emailing, or faxing. I look forward to helping you and your friends/family in planning a memorable trip and I guarantee that you will receive the cheapest price on my specialized packages.